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Institute For Canadian Citizenship (ICC) | Arts And Culture App For New Canadian Citizens.

Client Challenge

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) is a national non-profit organization co-founded and co-chaired by The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul, with a mission to promote inclusion, connection, and active citizenship. To achieve this, they provide programs and special projects.

The Problem

Unfortunately, their in-market mobile app, Canoo, was facing multiple challenges, including performance issues that resulted in negative app store reviews and a poor user experience. Furthermore, the lack of analytics and monitoring capabilities made it difficult for ICC to monitor user engagement and meet their business objectives. With the added pressure of revamping the app to meet COVID-19 demands, ICC was struggling to grow its audience base. That's when they decided to partner with Elite Coder Studios for a solution.

Client Opportunity:

ICC had faced numerous challenges with their in-market mobile app, Canoo. Their current developer lacked the design and product roadmap guidance needed to address these issues. To enhance the user experience, drive greater engagement, and improve usability, ICC turned to Elite Coder Studies for support. Elite Coder Studies was the ideal partner for ICC, offering a range of services from product strategy to product design and development. They were able to act as a consultant to help plan, build, and execute a product roadmap for future app iterations. With an agile end-to-end development process, Elite Coder Studies designed, developed, tested, and published the application functionalities. They created an enhanced user experience that empathizes with all user personas based on industry best practices. ICC benefited from unrestricted access to industry experts with a deep understanding of business and user needs. Additionally, Elite Coder Studios had experience working with and developing React Native applications.

Our Solution

1) Our team utilized our design thinking sessions to uncover opportunities for improvement and suggest mobile best practices that would enhance the overall user experience of ICC's Canoo app. Through these insights, we were able to create a user-friendly application with a refreshed UI, simplified navigation, streamlined user verification and sign-up processes, and intuitive user flows. As a result, the app became a more engaging and interactive digital platform, enabling new Canadian citizens to connect with fellow citizens and fully embrace their identity as Canadians through arts and culture experiences in a fun and straightforward manner.

2) ICC looked to us for our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to help move their digital product forward. Through a collaborative effort, we were able to create a prioritized product roadmap using our efficient now, next, later model for phased delivery. By focusing on the core functionalities of the product, we were able to address immediate business and user needs while staying within the allocated budget. One example of this was updating the offer activation process to improve user experience. Our now, next, later model also allowed us to provide guidance and a strategic product roadmap for future growth. This clear plan of action outlines the necessary steps to take next, ensuring the continued success of the product.

3) ICC had identified multiple issues with their app's performance, including app crashes, latency issues, and problems with infrastructure that affected critical functionalities. To address these concerns, we employed a refined agile app development process that involved breaking the development cycle into smaller sprints. By doing this, our team could prioritize the most critical issues and focus on testing solutions during each sprint to quickly roll out fixes. The shorter sprints allowed for rapid iteration, ensuring that issues were addressed promptly and effectively.

The Results

Just two weeks after launch, all active users of the app across iOS and Android devices experienced a 100% crash-free performance. We successfully introduced a flexible membership model that now allows non-members to use the app with ease. In addition, we overhauled the design and user experience to better align with ICC's vision of providing an engaging platform that supports inclusion for all Canadians. The new app allows users to connect and discover incredible arts and cultural experiences from coast to coast.

Moving forward, a future phase of the app will focus on enhancing the user experience through improved search capabilities, push notifications, in-app ratings, and social media APIs. Additionally, we plan to incorporate NFC integration to highlight virtual experiences offered by venue partners.

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