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NESN (New England Sports Network) | Mobile & Smart TV Sports Streaming Apps

Client Challenge

NESN, the ultimate destination for New England sports enthusiasts, is renowned for providing the latest and most comprehensive coverage of regional sports in the US. They offer authenticated Red Sox and Bruins game coverage, as well as exclusive digital content featuring all the New England sports teams (Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Patriots) and their respective leagues (MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL).

The Problem

However, before partnering with Elite Coder Studios Mobile, NESN's mobile app only provided a suboptimal user experience with a mobile web view of their website. As a result, user engagement and retention rates were on the decline, and NESN struggled to attract a diverse user base. With a brand and website relaunch on the horizon, NESN was in search of a digital solution that would:

Drive user consumption and surpass engagement goals
Deliver a seamless experience across all assets
Expand their digital presence
Enhance monetization opportunities.

Client Opportunity:

In order to overcome these challenges, NESN recognized the need to offer its users a completely native experience. This meant developing a new mobile app from the ground up with advanced features and video streaming capabilities. Simultaneously, NESN also sought to launch authenticated Connected TV Apps (such as Roku and Apple TV) to maximize their viewership. However, as they lacked internal product and design teams, NESN relied heavily on the expertise of Elite Coders to fulfill the following requirements:

Ability to collaborate with third-party vendors such as Brightcove, Airship, Sportradar, and Adobe, and serve as subject matter experts.
Access to industry specialists who fully understand the media and streaming industries.
Proficiency in designing digital interfaces for smart TV apps (Roku, Apple TV).
Proven experience delivering projects within aggressive timelines as NESN required app launch to coincide with the new website launch in a four to six-month timeframe.
Ability to ensure seamless video streaming across multiple platforms.
A robust system in place that offers speed, security, scalability, and performance in the media space.
With these objectives in mind, NESN and Elite Coders collaborated to build an exceptional app that delivered a superior viewing experience to their users, boosting user engagement and enabling NESN to meet their monetization goals.

Our Solution

1) As a sports streaming platform, NESN knows how critical it is to deliver an outstanding video playback experience to keep users engaged with their authenticated and unauthenticated content. We brought our extensive expertise in the latest online video solutions and video cloud hosting to the table, recommending that NESN move away from their current video infrastructure and adopt Brightcove’s online video platform. This would allow them to optimize the viewing experience and scale their enterprise. With Brightcove, NESN can offer their users a unique and immersive experience that includes authenticated live streaming, curated video-on-demand for non-authenticated users, travel rights and blackout rules, geolocation detection, and the ability to cast to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

2) By utilizing design thinking sessions, we were able to gain valuable insights and identify areas for improvement in the mobile and smart TV experiences. Our team then applied mobile best practices and recommended changes to the UI, navigation, logins, user onboarding, and user flows to create a seamless and intuitive experience for users. These updates led to a significant enhancement in content discovery and a personalized experience for fans of the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics across all age groups.

3) Our agile app development process is highly effective as we break down the development cycle into manageable sprints, allowing our team to concentrate on specific objectives that generate the most business value. With our refined approach, we were able to design and develop an MVP while prioritizing a product roadmap that aligned with NESN's goals. This allowed us to optimize our time-to-market and deliver a fully functional product within the set timeframe, with room for future product expansions.

The Results

Our industry expertise, talented team, and refined agile development and design thinking processes allowed us to surpass NESN's expectations. Within a five-month timeline, we successfully launched the app, positioning NESN to compete with larger players in the sports media industry. Since the app's launch, NESN has seen quantifiable results in user engagement rates.

Some of the app's key features include:

Authenticated live video streaming
Quick access to favorite teams and sports leagues
Personalized app content based on user preferences (sport, team, and league) and app usage (watched and saved content)
Viewing of scores, stats, standings, and rosters
Setting up game and schedule reminders through push notifications.

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